All of our food is tasty, fresh and made and served to the highest levels of hygiene and safety. 

Of course, regardless of how well we produce our food there will always be certain ingredients that some customers may have an intolerance to, and as such we provide this section of the website to give information on the presence of common allergens which may be in some of our dishes. 

We show these as red for dishes that do, at least in part, contain an allergen. 

We show as orange dishes that whilst not including that allergen are in an environment where there is a possibility of solids of an allergen being within the dish. 

We show in green dishes that do not include an allergen and do not have a risk of solids, but may include a trace of an allergen due to processes beyond our control. 

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently reworking our allergen list. During this time please consider our menu to have All Allergens Present until we can confirm otherwise.

Contains Allergen

May Contain Solids

Allergen Free, But Traces Possible

This product does contain at least in part the allocated allergen.

While the product itself does not contain the specific allergen, it is in an environment where it could be possible for the allergen to become included; from sesame seed buns and nuts from desserts.

Although not an ingredient and not present we cannot 100% guarantee there will not be traces present due to processes beyond our control.

Where every possibly precaution is taken by us to ensure Diced Meats and steaks are boneless , we cannot guarantee this 100%

Shakes and Desserts

All milkshakes and desserts may contain traces of nuts and other allergens. We cannot guarantee that retail branded confectionary will be free from allergens.