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Here at Tinseltown we pride ourselves in the procurement of high quality food and ingredients. There is a rigorous supplier approval system with criteria in place to ensure the authenticity of all the products we purchase, produce, cook and ultimately serve to our customers.

Our customers and our products are always our first priority and we will do everything possible to ensure their expectations are met in full.

We produce many of our own products; beef burgers, chicken fillet burgers, beef hot dogs, Cajun chicken fillets and all our sauces. This ensures that our products stay truly HALAL, consistent in taste, safe and wholesome.


All our meat products are sourced from highly accredited BRC / EFSIS, HALAL, UK / EC approved slaughtering and cutting plants to an exact specification, which must be met in full. Animal welfare systems are in place and audited regularly under the above schemes and by the largest retail multiples.


Branded confectionary:  We cannot 100% Guarantee that branded confectionary items are Halal.

If you require any further information, please let us know.

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